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The core value of the company is to establish a virtuous business and thrive in the home. The company adheres to the principle of "people first", and pays attention to improving the production skills and cultural quality of employees. It improves the loyalty and work enthusiasm of employees by cultivating and carrying forward excellent cultural traditions and sorting out correct values, ethics and codes of conduct.
We are planning a new round of development blueprint, with people as the root, scientific and technological innovation as the driving force, with modern management as the means, to surpass the international advanced level, to explore the international and domestic markets as the goal, actively cultivate independent scientific and technological innovation capabilities, strengthen the core competitiveness of enterprises, research and development of more and better high-end equipment.We will make great efforts to build dynamic Taitan, happy Taitan and century-old Taitan, and make positive contributions to promoting and revitalizing the development of national industry.

Creating and building a better life for human beings is not only Taitan's corporate purpose, but also Taitan people's unwavering historical mission.Taitan has always been closely linked with the future and destiny of the country.The social responsibility of a corporate citizen for social progress, national prosperity, national prosperity and people's well-being is Taitan's social view, national view and national view.

To realize the value of each employee while realizing the company's goal, to create social benefits while creating enterprise benefits.Actively promote the development of national industry.

To devote more, better and high-quality products to the society is the goal that Taitan strives for, and also the concrete embodiment of Titan's historical mission.

The core of dedication is responsibility.Dedication should not only be practical and diligent, but also keep learning and improving in practical work. The direction of ascension is refinement.Dedication is the foundation, industry is the capital, beyond is the purpose.Only talk about dedication, can transcend self, to achieve the cause and the other side of the ideal.The same is true for people and for business development.


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