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TQF- K80 Rotor Spinning Machine

This machine adopts stepping motor to feed cotton and electronic traverse mechanism separately. The double electric box design enables one machine to produce two products at the same time. It has functions such as waste removal, electronic yarn cleaning, semi-automatic piecing, etc., and it can used with sliver cans of up to 1200MM.

TQF- 568 Rotor Spinning Machine

Suitable for spinning single fiber or mixed raw materials such as cotton, wool, linen, silk, chemical fiber. It adopts many latest technologies such as air-spinning spinner, semi-automatic piecing, closed-loop control, etc. The maximum speed of the rotor can reach 120,000 R / min.

TQF-K90 Rotor Spinning Machine

Each spinning rotor is driven independently by single motor; Single spindle yarn draw-off system;  Double impurity removal system;  Automatic doffing function; Intelligent piecing system for ultrahigh speed spinning rotors;  Similar to output of full-automatic machine, lower labor costs, lowest energy consumption per ton of yarn, and excellent yarn quality;


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